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Skype – Connect, Create, Talk & Discover, now with Bing GPT-4 SKYPE WITH MICROSOFT BING, POWERED BY GPT-4 Ask Bing 1:1 or in any group chat: - Help me plan a trip to Europe this summer - Write a dad joke and translate it into any language - Ask for movie recommendations - Unleash your creativity Skype is now integrated with Bing, cutting-edge AI-powered copilot, the latest generative language model from OpenAI that you can use for free. With ChatGPT in Skype, you don’t need any technical knowledge, just ask a question like you would a friend. Bonus points: Try asking ChatGPT in your native language and find the most interesting question to ask! SKYPE WITH ANYONE FOR FREE Skype is the best way to stay connected with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Whether you want to talk to your family, friends or colleagues. You can make free video calls with up to 100 people, send and receive text messages, use ChatGPT with others, send voice messages, emojis, share your screen to show what you’re working on. ADD A SECOND NUMBER TO YOUR PHONE Need more privacy? Get a Skype Number, it’s affordable and private. With additional Skype subscription you can also call landlines and mobiles at affordable prices in most countries in the world. PERSONALIZED NEWS With Skype’s new Today tab you can get free personalized news. Stay informed, productive, entertained, and inspired with up-to-date news. Skype-to-Skype calls are free. Operator data charges may apply. We recommend using an unlimited data plan or WiFi connection. • Privacy and Cookies policy: • Microsoft Services Agreement: • EU Contract Summary: Access Permissions: All permissions are optional and require consent (you can continue using Skype without granting these permissions, but certain features may not be available). • Contacts - Skype can sync and upload your device contacts to Microsoft's servers so that you can easily find and connect with your contacts that already use Skype. • Microphone - The microphone is needed for people to hear you during audio or video calls or for you to record audio messages. • Camera - The camera is needed for people to see you during video calls, or for you to be able to take photos or videos whilst you’re using Skype. • Location - You can share your location with other users or use your location to help find relevant places near you. • Photo Library - Storage is needed to be able to store photos or to share your photos with others you may chat with. • Notifications - Notifications allow users to know when messages or calls are received even when Skype is not actively being used. • Siri - This allows Siri to make calls in Skype. • Calendar - Access to the calendar is so that calls can be scheduled and added to the calendar. • Motion Usage - Motion usage is used so that Skype can detect when your device is rotated, so that Skype can orientate the camera correctly.



  • Daily notification spam

    By wylek1
    Microsoft has made the inexcusable decision to send daily push notifications encouraging you to use the app. This is purely spam and degrades an already degraded experience with recent versions of this app.
  • UI is broken

    By Ian Grimme
    Unable to see the top most recent contact in the recent list. UI is broken. Garbage app.
  • Always showing active

    By scyllapat12
    Please rectify this issue of being active even when I’m offline or I turn on invisible mode. It keeps showing active. Treat as urgent
  • Free?

    By flylights
    This used to be a free app. Now it looks like you are charging $3.48 per mos? I am so sick of companies charging for every little tiny thing. Skype was a great thing. NOW IT IS RUINED. Stop being so greedy.
  • Annoying notifications

    By 25643go
    Daily notifications suggesting I use Skype more are so annoying, I’ve notifications off.
  • I’m thinking of alternatives to Skype.

    By No mo' Bing!
    Recently Skype enthusiastically introduced its AI - Bing. I hate it. It was constantly pestering me to let it “help”, until I finally “taught” it to leave me alone. However it *still* had to have the last word! If any *person* had acted that way it would’ve been considered harassment. And worse I can’t even block the thing! What a rotten way to treat your customers! At least you should let us choose whether or not we want the intrusion.
  • Skype is going downhill

    By Seachest
    Every time Skype makes an upgrade. It messes it up even more than it was before. Many technical problems and absolutely no customer support for Microsoft.
  • Fix the open chats hidden under the search field

    By ijsrph
    Ever since 2 updates ago if I have more than one ongoing chat, one of them gets hidden under the search window it doesn’t display with the others unless I drag the open chats down but then it goes back under the search field again. I have to actually click on search to find that chat that’s stuck underneath to chat with that person. It didn’t used to do that and it’s annoying.
  • Broken update

    By Arturstorm
    I have 2 version of Skype installed in my tablet. How is it even possible to do this in iOS?
  • Love it

    By f9ooli
    I love this app